Four young people dream new journey – all local youth learning and implementation implementation

The quarter of the grapefruit is listed, and the first secretary of the village in Guang’an, Guang’an, Sichuan, and Jinda, the first secretary of the village, busy with fresh fruit, while busy the sale of agricultural products from the village.

Since the Ministry of Commerce to Revolution for more than two years, Jinda, 33 years old, with the villagers and other 爱上海419油压论坛 dispatched cadres, to achieve the "innovation" of the revolutionary village: refine the production of grapefruit production and improve the quality, establish an e-commerce site to carry out Online sales, live broadcast to the green specialty in the house of farmers … Revolution Village has been poverty "picking a cap", but Jinda’s ideas have run more. "When we leave, you must let the revolution 上海498的水磨干磨 can play with yourself ‘.

"Jinda said, said that he and colleagues are in helping the young people in the village, the" full skills "such as the promotion, sales services, only the innovation, the village can always" new ".

In the interview, the reporter found that some "post-80" "90" and "95" personal and team are in the use of new ideas to achieve extraordinary changes.

– In their hands, complex things can become very simple.

"The traditional multi-level wholesale drug flow mode is not high, and the layered transfers also lead to high prices, we are to use Internet technology to change this phenomenon.

"Li Meng, CEO of Wuhan Xiaotong Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. this year, said that in the past five years, their service system has enabled drugs to achieve" direct "from manufacturers to pharmacies and clinics, serving the country 20 More than 300,000 terminal pharmacies and grassroots clinics in multiple provinces and districts, the efficiency is significantly improved.

"The Five Plenary Session puts forward a comprehensive promotion of healthy China construction, so that the health system is more perfect.

This makes our innovation more clear, better for the masses.

"Li Meng said. – In their heart," Sunset "can also become vigorous. On the Tiantai, Yunnan Kunming Guandu District Pension Comprehensive Service Demonstration Center, the reporter saw Yang Jiarong, director of the 24-year-old Nursing Department, she is being Watch patiently asked the old people’s physical condition.

Yang Jiarong and "95" colleagues were almost the same as those of these elderly, and they had also been questioned when they were "not going to do." However, they not only finished the work of feeding, scrub, etc.

"Implementing active response to population aging national strategies, for us to do our daily services, let more young partners join this full of hopeful industries.

Yang Jiarong said. – In their eyes, everyone can become confident and beautiful.

Using a number of original technologies, 39-year-old Meitu company founder and CEO Wu Xinhong and young team focus on building an innovative platform such as an imaging laboratory, and the achievements apply a lot of business scenes underline online, so that users are more beautiful in virtual world, Find confidence in real life.

"With the big data era of the ‘changed’ industry, we must integrate more technologies into life and help more people become beautiful.

"Wu Xinhong said. In the Shuangliu Sichuan branch in Chengdu Shuangliu, a performance advanced ARJ21 simulator is about to be installed. Jiang Yizi, who was born in 1987, led the" 95 ", and recently in order to master the simulator. The handling technology is busy to go home. The project requires super high level in flight simulation system, aircraft system, and flight technology. After three months day and night, they have passed the heavy assessment, which has previously taken a year. The job qualification and ability can be mastered. "The Fifth Plenary Session depicts a clear blueprint. In this best era, we have a power, confident! "Jiang Yuqi said, the more solid flying training, the domestic plane can fly more security, the construction of transportation strong countries, the development of the development of the aviation industry is more enough. The power of the strong country on the new journey, let the young people fighting on each battleline Unexpected exploration and practice, shorten the timetable for achieving the goal. Shaanxi Xi’an, Shaanxi Auto Group Heavy truck assembly line, there is a product offline every 6 minutes. "We continue to optimize each process, use new technology, from A few years ago 10 minutes shortening to now 6 minutes, now we are still optimized in detail, efficiency will get higher and higher. Qi Xiang, deputy director of the Group’s total assembly, said, "Five Plenary Section" "Workers are working on Xi’an’s Shaanxi Auto Group production (November 2). Xinhua News Agency, Liu Wei, in Hunan Zhuzhou, Zhuzhou Zhongxing Electric Co., Ltd., 35-year-old Minister Li Changlong, Minister Li Changlong and The changedflow module of the team is intelligent manufacturing model line full of "Future", intelligent unit line mode, one work island is all system interfaces of various human-computer interaction. On November 9th, workers in Zhuzhou Automated production line monitor.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Ding Hongfa photo presented, unswervingly of building a strong country, promoting industrial fundamentals, modernization of industrial chain, which allows Li Changlong to be encouraged. "We have been shrinking the gap between itself and advanced intelligent manufacturing industry. In the rail transit industry, we must have the ability to become a strong country." Li Changlong said, "According to the deployment of the Five Plenary, transform our youth strength into powerful development kinetic energy The goal of strong country can be achieved. "The drone cluster system products have received attention at the third into the Expo, many Europe and America, Southeast Asia and other places have expressed their willingness, which makes 39-year-old Tianjin University professor Qi Junxia Xinxin Double increase.

In the past 5 years, he founded a flying control (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. product line continues to abundant, applied to flight performances, rescue and other industries, apply for more than 180 patents, and the research and development speed of new products is gradually accelerating. "The Five Plenary Session puts forward, adhere to the core position of innovation in the overall situation of modernization in my country. Young people love innovation, innovation has hope, the new journey will be more exciting." Qi Juntong said.

Into the Guangzhou Biological Island Laboratory Exhibition Hall, a targeted scientific research results in the fields of major respiratory infectious diseases, stem cells and regenerative medicine in front of the reporter. A set of beautiful new crown virus rapid detection devices attracted a reporter. Participating in the development of this product is Guangzhou Puetelihua Technology Co., Ltd., its core team members are mostly "85" "90" doctoral and associate professors.

During the epidemic, according to the unified deployment of the Biological Island Lab, they urgently start the new crown virus to quickly detect R & D projects, develop and take care of accurate, low-cost, easy to operate.

"The Fifth Plenary Session clarified the goal, we ushered in the golden period of struggle, as the country continuously launched a good policy in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, we must bury their own things, let good results benefit more Many people. "Puerto Lihua CEO Chen Hao said. This is the Guangzhou Bio Island (drone photo) taken on November 12.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liang quickly took the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the secretary of the Party Branch of the East Hospital of Wuhan University People’s Hospital, the deputy director, the relevant research team, cooperated to develop nano-hole target sequencing technology and artificial intelligent imaging diagnostic system and other results, Fast recognition and diagnosis and treatment of new coronary pneumonia have provided important support. This "80" doctor dedicated to research and development, the "80" doctor who uses new results, the team actively explores the control of cardiovascular disease by non-invasive nerve regulation technology, and has obtained a number of international and domestic awards.

"I hope to convert basic research into a product, transformed into China’s good instruments, good drugs, and benefit the majority of patients, and contribute to the construction of healthy China.

"Yu Lithon said. The busy bear in Yunnan Dali is also a" doctor ". He heals that this local person relies on the water area of ??survival. As the deputy minister of the Department of Engineering Department, Huanhai Ecological Corriding Command, Xiong Yishi Almost no-in, optimized engineering design, supervising construction quality, is that it is once again huenhable.

"The Fifth Plenary Session puts forward, promoting green development, promoting people and natural harmony symbiosis.

Repair of the major ecosystem protection of the Bohai Sea, keeping green mountains in the future generation, this is our mission of our generation. "Xiong Ying said.