Let the rural industry burst into strong vitality

Let the rural industry burst into strong vitality

[] The revitalization of rural industries is the primary task of the rural revitalization strategy, and it is also the material foundation of the common prosperity of rural areas. More than 40 years ago, township enterprises have emerged in different troops, and once "one of the world’s one in the world" in the national industrial output value, becoming the most active part of China’s economy, promoting the national reform and opening up process, and becoming an important symbol of rural reform and development during that period.

At present, my country has entered the second century new journey, and the country has comprehensively promoted the strategy of rural revitalization. The countryside has once again stood at a new starting point. It is necessary to deeply understand the world, national conditions, and agricultural conditions of the new stage, accurately grasp the characteristics and requirements of the rural industry, speed up the institutional mechanism Innovate, promote the optimization and deep integration of resource elements, and make the rural industry a strong vitality.

  First of all, we must promote the optimization and integration of rural resource elements.

On the one hand, it is necessary to improve the rural property rights trading market, improve the supporting services and standard systems, and provide a platform for the circulation of resources such as agricultural land, homestead and collective construction land, and allow rural resources to optimize the allocation in a larger scale.

On the other hand, deepen the reform of rural homesteads, collective operating construction land, and the reform of the village collective property rights system, so that traditional resources and modern elements are deeply integrated and innovative, and the advantages and potential of rural resources are truly exerted.

  Secondly, it is necessary to promote the common development of various market subjects.

On the one hand, it is necessary to start from the requirements of building a high -standard market system, improve rural infrastructure, improve public service platforms, and allow family farms, farmers’ professional cooperatives, leading enterprises, and collective economic organizations to show their ability to stimulate various talents The vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship. On the other hand, in accordance with the requirements of fair competition, we must improve various policies, cancel discriminatory policies for different ownership, different regions, and different subject types, and achieve the survival of the fittest through fair competition. Third, adhere to the joint farmers and farmers to integrate farmers into the development of rural industries.

On the one hand, we must carry out various types of education and training to farmers to enhance the development capabilities of farmers; improve various service systems, and provide guidance and policy support for farmers’ innovation and entrepreneurship. At the same time, the policies of various types of strong farmers and farmers should propose the evaluation and assessment of the effects of joint farmers and farmers, and guide and encourage various large -scale market entities to establish a close connection mechanism with farmers. Fourth, we must strengthen the preparation of the county’s development and optimization of the development of rural industries.

Grasp the key to coordinating the county’s overall planning, improve the service functions of county seats in terms of technological innovation, quality standards, and brand marketing, open up rural commercial logistics obstruction, and form county, townships, and central linkage development and collaboration.

Through modern industrial parks, industrial towns, and rural complexes such as parks, the rural industrial parks are clustered into clustering and giving play to the agglomeration effect. Fifth, we must respect the laws of development and gradually promote the revitalization of rural industries. Based on the local resource endowment characteristics and realistic foundation, all localities should reasonably plan the development of rural industries, and make traditional characteristic industries and folk industries into small, fine, small and special century -old stores. The development of rural industries is accompanied by the change of rural farmers’ production and lifestyle, which is a process of gradual growth and development. Therefore, it is necessary to have historical patience to promote the development of rural industries.

In particular, the optimization layout of the village and the intensive utilization of the homestead should be adjusted in a timely manner according to the change of farmers’ employment life.

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