Jiangxi Province Yudu County March Yuanyuan Red Army Primary School launched the campus red song competition

Jiangxi Province Yudu County March Yuanyuan Red Army Primary School launched the campus red song competition

Campus Red Song Tournament.

Photo by Zhang Xiaohua, "The sunset is red in the capital, and there is an unforgettable song in the ferry …" On May 27, the song of the commemorative garden of the Central Red Army Long March of the Dudu County in Jiangxi Province flew up, and the accompaniment sounded over the sky. Elementary school students in elementary schools welcomed the "June 1" International Children’s Day by singing red songs.

  The Long March Yuan Red Army Primary School is adjacent to the Central Red Army Long March Memorial Park. Since the establishment of the school in 2006, the school has attached great importance to the national defense education of young people, specially established a national defense education leading group, and included national defense education in the school’s annual work plan, integrated teaching in teaching All links. Yan Mei, the vice president of the primary school, told the author that when planning this year’s children’s day literary performance, they were easy to memory and learn by children based on the red songs, and they specially arranged the campus red song competition. "Every red song that is widely sung is moving lyrics. These lyrics describe a period of history in a highly condensed language." The instructor told the author that they actively innovated the form of teaching and watched red videos by explaining lyrics, organizing red videos, etc. Methods to ensure that students not only sing red songs, but also understand the stories behind the red song, and understand the spiritual power of the red song transmitted.

"Classmates," Singing the Second Little Small Cowherd "tells the story of the anti -Japanese war period, the story of the second primary school of the cattle and the enemy fighting the wisdom." "Cowboy" introduced the origin of the song to the students, and explained the story of Wang Erxiao in detail. "Most of the accompaniment of the red songs was played by the school’s little suona." A music teacher of the Long March Yuanyuan Red Army Primary School told the author that in 2012, the Long March Yuanyuan Red Army Primary School formed the "Red Wa -Suo Nona Art Troupe". So far, it has so far. Cultivate more than 1,000 suona hands.

Suona teaching teachers deliberately integrate elements such as the Long March and folk culture into the music. Nowadays, in the farewell recruits, the active soldiers sent Li Xiyi, and the county’s major event celebrations, you can see the "Red Baby Suona Art Troupe". The art troupe has become another new business card for national defense education in Du County.

  "I am a suona hand. Every time I learn and play red songs, the scene of revolutionary predecessors fights in my mind.

I have continuously inspired me to study hard, increase my skills, and build our motherland after growing up.

"Primary school student Zeng Wenhao said excitedly after the Red Song match.

  The primary school principal Zeng Shifa introduced that the school will also organize students to carry out students to recite long march poems, read the Long March, watch the Long March, visit the Long March, Research Long March topic and other activities to further promote the Long March Spirit, guide students to fight for the source of the Long March.