How can children protect them during the epidemic? These main points must be kept in mind

How can children protect them during the epidemic? These main points must be kept in mind

Today is the "June 1" International Children’s Day.

The healthy growth of children is related to the future of the country and nation. During the epidemic, how should children do a good job of protecting the virus? On this reporter, a reporter from the People’s Daily Online interviewed Yang Yuxia, the director of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University (Henan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital). "Children’s ways to infect new crown pneumonia are the same as adults. The main ways to spread the new crown pneumonia are through respiratory tract droplets and close contact.

"Yang Yuxia introduced that cutting off spreading is a very important measure to prevent new crown pneumonia.

Yang Yuxia said that parents should help children wear masks correctly and pay attention to children’s masks at any time.

If children feel uncomfortable with dyspnea while wearing a mask, they should adjust or stop wearing a mask in time.

Try to avoid children’s dense public places and closed space.

Keep a social distance with at least 1 meter outside. If you go to public places or touch public facilities, pay attention to wash your hands.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unclean hands.

When sneezing or cough, cover your mouth and nose with a curved elbow, or use a paper towel.

Yang Yuxia reminded that in daily life, children’s items, toys and tableware, etc., parents must disinfect them regularly. The number of indoor ventilations per day is not less than 3 times, and the ventilation time is 20-30 minutes each time. When the quality of outdoor air is poor, the frequency and time of ventilation can be appropriately reduced.

Parents should replace the clothes worn outside after returning home, and then hold their children after washing their hands. During meals, parents should not share tableware with children.

When feeding your children, do not blow food with your mouth, do not try food with your mouth before feeding your child, let alone chew the food with your mouth before feeding your child.

"Vaccination is the most economical and effective measure to prevent and control infectious diseases.

Children, parents, guardians, etc. who meet the conditions of vaccination should be vaccinated with new crown pneumonia. "Yang Yuxia also reminded. Yang Yuxia suggested that during the epidemic, parents should ensure the nutritional balance of children and let their children persist in exercise. Outdoor, you can choose medium -high aerobic exercises such as fast -moving, jogging, ball movement. , You should also use limited conditions to actively carry out physical activities, such as radio exercises, stretching movements, etc. (video production: intern Li Jiayue).