[See the different Lanzhou] The treasure culture flowing in the underground main trunk line of Lanzhou City

[See the different Lanzhou] The treasure culture flowing in the underground main trunk line of Lanzhou City

Original title: [See the different Lanzhou] flowing in the treasure culture of the underground main trunk line in Lanzhou City "Hello Lanzhou, sing your song, the river under the bridge … Hello Lanzhou, draw your appearance, then Bowl of beef noodles … "Once, the first folk rhymes in the streets are still surprising.

On the morning of December 10th, the Lanzhou Rongmediary Reporter walked into another "Hello Lanzhou" series – Lanzhou City characteristic cultural theme train, and visited the "unique" of the subject trains.

After entering the train, it is first to reflect the orange system "Buddha" car, the seats and wall decoration on both sides of the room are adhering to the corresponding theme, and there is an old (calculated), dig (wine) Drink dry), one hand (reach out), you will not be old Hu, don’t talk), like the firewood (very embarrassing), a mile (together), full Fu (comfortable), etc. Lanzhou dialect art design poster.

After going, I saw the red "folk treasure" carriage, sheepskin, Lanzhou Taiping drum, carving hoist, Lanzhou Drum, Suzuki, Lanzhou folk paper cut, bitter water fire, Ma Jia "flaunt punch" and other unique features Folk Decorative painting With the rapid Mercedes-Benz of the train, the reverse reporter group is full of comprehension. Thereafter, there is a blue-collar "tip of the tongue", the gray system "Historical Imprint", the cyan "别 别 风" and other atrial compartment, a look like a promenade showing Lanzhou cultural heritage and urban characteristics.

"Compared to ordinary trains, this theme train made me feel proud as a Gansu people and Lanzhou people. Whenever I take a train with customers or friends, I am particularly proud to introduce them. This is our Gansu. The historical memory and folk culture of local characteristics. "Mr. Zhao told reporters.

It is understood that Lanzhou City Characteristic Cultural Theme Train is specially created by Lanzhou Rail Transit Co., Ltd. to create a Lanzhou regional cultural atmosphere, which is now officially put into operation.

Lanzhou Rail Transportation Line 1 Lanzhou University Station Value Ban Shuai said, hoping to flow in the theme train of Lanzhou City underground main trunk, the gourmet culture, the historical imprint, dialect art and landscape landmarks in Lanzhou local characteristics Culture spread to five lakes and four seas … (Editor: Zhou Yuting, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.