Cadillac XT79 central control black screen how to

This situation may be because of the mid-control screen installed, resulting in problems with the line.

It is recommended that the central control screen is removed, and the fault phenomenon is issued and the next maintenance judgment is performed after it is better. Overall, Changan CS75 has a strong comprehensive performance. It belongs to the medium and high-end level in compact SUV, which is full of space, power, configuration, etc.. Let’s introduce all kinds of advantages of CS75: 1. From size and space, the new CS75 length is 4650mm * 1850mm * 1705mm, the wheelbase is 2700mm, the size is higher than H6, Boss, Chuanqi GS4 equivalent There are a lot of models in the model, and the dimensional advantages in the level of compact SUV 上海做油压好点的地方 are obvious. At the same time, the advantage of the body size provides a large car space and an excellent ride experience for CS75.

Benefits from the large body size, the CS75 model trunk volume reaches 590L, which has a significant advantage in the same-level model, and can easily deal with daily loading requirements. Moreover, the CS75 rear seat supports completely put it completely, and then the width space is formed, whether it is loaded with an item or a temporary rest place, so that the use scenario of the vehicle is more abundant. 2. From the perspective of power, the blue whale engine equipped with the new Changan CS75 integrates a number of current Changan’s most advanced engine technology, and the overall technology level is more advanced than the displacement engine mounted by the CS55. The engine uses 200上海水磨会所微 bar high-pressure 5 injection techniques in the world. It can reach 131KW power and torque output in the displacement, which is much higher than that of the same level. It is not inferior to face many models. In 2018, the Kunlun Lubricant China Heart Top Ten Engine is selected, and the CS75 is equipped with a blue whale engine in the first five.

The participation of the enterprises not only have domestic independent brands, Audi, General, Honda, Toyota and other joint ventures are also involved, and the grades of the blue whale engine are still very considerable. Thanks to the number of new technologies taken, the CS75 blue whale engine is not only motivated, but also the fuel economy is very good, and the exhaust emissions have reached the national standard. At the same time, the NVH performance of this engine is also quite state, and the engine noise level is only 38 decibels at idle speed, which is equivalent to the quietness of the bedroom when sleeping at night. The equipped all kinds of configurations are also luxurious in the same model.

In terms of security configuration, not only the mainstream security configurations such as ABS, braking force distribution, brake assist, traction control, body stability control, but also high-level security configurations such as tire pressure monitoring, parallel assist, lane deviation warning, active brakes.

In particular, half of the models are configured with 6 airbags, which is relatively rare in the same domestic model.

In contrast, the CS75 security configuration is quite complete and can effectively guarantee driving safety. In terms of manipulation configuration, CS75 can easily reach the L2 level smart driving level. The front and rear radar is equipped with 360 panoramic photography, and there is no environmental situation around the car. Engine start and stop, uphill assist, steep slope, automatic parking and other functions can effectively improve handling efficiency and safety. Speed-speed cruise, ACC full-speed self-adaptation cruise, active brakes and other auxiliary driving functions provide a completely different smart driving experience.

In-vehicle function configuration is also very rich, and deep intelligence. In addition to automatic air conditioning, comfortable configuration such as electric seat adjustment, CS75 is equipped with Xiaoan intelligent voice system to greatly enhance driving experience.

As long as Xiao An in the car, you can wake up this smart voice interactive system in the four words, whether it is controlling navigation, skylight, air conditioning, multimedia, and acc cruise, the speed can be performed, this system Barge-in technology is applied, and it is supported to interrupt re-recognition at any time. 18 CS75 listed so far, deeply affected by the favorite quality and high-tech configuration of the owners, is the most 上海私人会所reason for market praise.


Anhui held "online + online" silver enterprise 上海水磨服务项目 docking will help the "three land and one district" construction

People’s Net Hefei November 8th (Chen Hao, intern Zhang Yuxin) Recently, the 2021 Anhui Provincial "Construction" online + line hosted by the Anhui Provincial People’s Government, the Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau "Silver and enterprises will be held in Hefei.

Nearly 100 financial institutions and the relevant enterprises attended at the scene, and more than 100,000 companies, financial institutions participated in the network platform. The meeting released the first batch of top ten emerging industrial key projects and 上海闵行kb high-quality SMEs, relevant financial institutions influence relevant financial products around the service enterprise financing, and introduced the online banking enterprises in Anhui Province. The 上海龙凤千花论坛 docking will attract 11216 companies to register the comprehensive financial service platform of the SME and small enterprises in Anhui Province, and release 14132 financing demand and total financing demand billion. At the meeting, the first batch of "14th Five-Year Plan" major strategy of Anhui Province, the "four-way synchronization" and the top ten emerging industries and the key projects of high-quality SMEs have conducted centralized signing, with a total investment of 150.8 billion yuan.

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Developing red resources to carry out red education to develop new bureaus to let red become a beautiful look of Lidshu people

Longmen Hao Vocational Middle School, Chongqing, is located in the Nan’an District of Chongqing. The campus covers an area of ??228 mu, 6,311 academic qualifications in the school. 407 faculty members, the first batch of national secondary vocational education reform and development demonstration schools, many times The advanced collective of national vocational education is rated as a national education system.

The school in-depth implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on revolutionary traditional education should be grasped from 上海品茶资源网 dolls, conscientiously implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, based on the characteristics of vocational education, in the region "Red Rock spirit" as an important carrier, lifting red flag, Reading red books, casting red hearts, and vigorously strengthening revolutionary traditional education, achieving efforts, strong schools, and benefits. Developed red resources, using the "Hongyan Rock, Hongyan Reading, Hongrui", three resources, Chongqing red resources, "red three rock" (Hongyan Village, Zeng Jiaru, Tiger Rock) is especially famous, is Hongyan spirit The birthplace. Hongyan spirit is a communist spirit, the national spirit, the crystallization of the national spirit, the times and its special expressions in the National Anti-Japanese War. It is the reflection of the Chinese 上海新茶外卖 Communist Party in a particular historical environment. It is also a valuable spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation. As the origin of "Red Rock Spirit", Chongqing has unique resources and geographical advantages in the revolutionary traditional education of youth.

In the face of Hongyan spirit, this red treasure will be combined with the characteristics of the secondary school, and the development of school school is developed. It is an important prerequisite for effective use. To this end, the school and the Chongqing Hongyan Unlined Cultural Development Management Center, building cooperative co-construction platforms, actively exploiting the three resources of "Hongyan Rest, Hongyan Reading, Red Rock", mainly including Hongyan Revolution Memorial Hall, Red Rock Soul Square, Red Rock Soul Exhibition Hall, White House, Slag Cave, Gener Martyrs Cemetery and other revolutionary materials cultural heritage, can be seen, can be perceived by the materialized carrier; Hongyan reading mainly includes "red rock", "Jiang Jie" "The" Red Remarks "," Red Rock Soul ", etc. The live carrier of the revolutionary culture and some anti-Japanese veteran, the revolutionary martyrs, the history of the history experience, is a readable, reflective text carrier; Hongyan spirit is red Rock remarks, Hongyan reading this sublimation and refining, Hongyan spirit’s content is very rich, summarizing: patriotic, unity, struggle, dedication, is a high degree of general summation of revolutionary marty for communist beliefs. The spirit of red rock constitutes the main body of the school to develop red resources. In addition, the school also actively uses the people’s liberation monument, Nie Rongzhen Marshal Exhibition Hall, Liu Bocheng Monument, Yang Shangjun, Chen Duxiu, Yang Shang, Yangtong, Zhao Shiyan, Longtan Town The red tourist attraction area of ??Yangnan Waist, the old site of the Eighth Route Army Chongqing Office is a colorful red education.

Carried out red education, highlighting "Hongqi, reading red book, casting red heart" school in the process of Lidshu people, actively integrating revolutionary traditional education, highlighting "Lifting Red Flag, Reading Red Book" , Cast the red heart "three ways, let the red gene are separated by generation.

Lotion Red Flag: It is the banner of the party’s banner, with the direction of the party, ensuring that the development direction of the school is not fragile; reading red book: that is, let red reading into the campus, leading the students of the students, and the party; Cooking red heart is through a variety of red inheritance activities, slimming, silent broadcast red seeds, building a red belief. It mainly launched the following activities: First, vigorously promote the red course, red reading this into school.

In the construction of the curriculum system, strengthen the construction of red curriculum, integrate the history of party history, new China history, the history of reform and opening up, and socialist development. With "Hongrui", "Jiang Jie" and other red books for important carriers, developing a red school-based course, widely carrying out red reading activities, and moisturizing students with red education. The second is to form a Hongyan volunteer service group.

The Hongyan Volunteer Service Group has regularly goes to the Chongqing Hongyan Revolutionary History Museum to carry out volunteer service and revolutionary traditional red education learning activities. In December 2019, Hongyan Volunteers went to Hongyan Square to provide tourism consultation, attractions, service reception, red rock spirit preaching. The third is to carry out red theme education activities.

It has been organized "", ",", "," "and other special commemorative revolutionary cultural learning education. "Pay tribute to the times, do the new 爱上海贵族宝贝419 era" lectures, carry out red theme education activities such as "Decree Knowledge Improve Campus" lecture.


Dragon film paint protector TOP Coat Hydrogard Technologies won 2021 Gold Embassy Awards New Supply Chain

Recently, the global special material company Eastman’s automotive film brand dragon film is a top 100 Jinjun award car new supply chain. The dragon film is the only award-winning automotive film in this selection.

The picture shows the entrance of the 2021 3rd Golden Award Awards on-site dragon film not only obtained the recognition from the automotive industry. At the same time, this is also affirmed that the dragon film is concentrating on the field of automobile membranes, and constantly seeking breakthrough efforts.

How to protect the paint has always been the focus of concern, the future dragon film will continue to adhere to technological innovation, launch more high-quality automotive paint protective film products.

The Golden Slim Award was created by the Heli Automobile to promote the transformation and upgrading of China Automotive Industry, and create a more competitiveness and innovation relationship.

The award-winning enterprises in this award are the leaders in their respective industries. At present, the Gold Embassy Awards have been conducted for three sessions, and the jury includes experts from automotive industry and scholars.

The picture shows the dragon film won the 2021 3rd Golden Motor New Supply Chain 100 Technical Award Certificate Adhere to Innovation, and the hard-core scientific guards use the global high-performance automobile film with 65 years of history. With the spirit of innovation of excellence, we will continue to meet the multivariate needs of consumers. This award is the unique Hydrogard topcoat technology, HYDROGARD topcoat, combined with high quality TPU substrate, which has excellent Anti-smuggling, corrosion resistance and other performance, to a greater extent, to the original car paint protection effect.

The dragon film wants to rely on technology innovation products to show outstanding performance, so that every owner who chooses the dragon film can feel its powerful 上海品茶高端场子 protection, so that even if it is full of wind, it is still full of new, emits brilliance.

High-quality automotive membranes can help the owner of car maintenance time and spending, the efficient protection of the original car paint can also help the vehicle.

Professional service, film technology upgrade six art top decades, in addition to improving the technology level of the product, professional technical services are also very valid to the dragon film and spend great efforts to risce.

Innovative high-quality products need to cooperate with exquisite film technology to bring good experiences to consumers.

In order to allow consumers to enjoy extraordinary automotive film mounts and experiences, the dragon film continuously improves the professional construction service process from 上海gm会所 protective, cleaning, setting, cutting, and loading to acceptance, and adds seamless film. Lifting, no trace stitching three special skills, raising the dragon film six art film standards above the six art. At the same time, the dragon film has also developed high standard technician training and certification system, and updated the training content in real time according to the development of market, product and technology, and strictly control the owners. Each roll is authorized to work, the dragon film products purchased in regular channels have exclusive identity certifications, and the dragon film paint protector drill series (G2) has a decade warranty, which can provide multi-level protection for consumers. .

Excellent essence, meets different consumers, continuous increase in resident consumption, continuous acceleration 杨浦洗浴 of consumer structure, more and more car owners choose to upgrade high-end and luxury models, so it will pay more attention to the beauty of the vehicle, the maintenance of the car, for the invisible The demand for clothes is also increasing. Thanks to consumers to trust in the past years, the dragon film will continue to improve the quality of its product and improve the service experience, and become a more trusted automotive film brand. In the future, the dragon film will continue to play technology advantages in automotive film development and production, focusing technology innovation and process progress, adhere to quality win, promise to provide better, even exceeding the expected products and services, let more Chinese consumers enjoy the life of refined cars. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.


Fujian Provincial Market Supervision Bureau concentrates on destruction of the special law enforcement of rural 上海龙凤交友 fake and shoddy foods

According to the "Notice of the Market Supervision" Notice on Carrying the Filled Items of Rural Counterfeit Food Special Law Enforcement Action, 9:00 on November 18 – At 11:00, the Fujian Provincial Market Supervision Bureau in Ningdefuding New Energy Co. This event was jointly hosted by the Fujian Market Supervision Bureau, Ningde City Market Supervision Bureau, and Fuding Municipal Bureau of Public Security, Agricultural Rural Area, Business Bureau, Marine Fisheries Bureau, Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, Destruction There is an Evo Market Supervision Bureau, Jiacheng Market Supervision Bureau, Xiapu County Market Supervision Bureau, Zhouning County Market Supervision Bureau, Shouning County Market Supervision Bureau, Fuding City Market Supervision Bureau, Ningde City Market Supervision Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment, and invite local media , The masses, some enterprises represents nearly 100 people to participate in the destruction of the scene, so that the masses should feel the determination of the market supervision department to combat the rural counterfeit and shoddy food, enhance the people’s confidence in food safety.

The item destroyed items for the market supervision department in violation of the law, the special law enforcement of rural counterfeit and shoddy food, and some public security organs investigated food in special law enforcement actions, including infringement tea, fake wine, unqualified seasonings, milk powder More than 20 kinds of counterfeit, counterfeit food, illegal edible items, 5,477, with a total weight of nearly 12.11 tons, with a weight of more than 38 million yuan, and the item is dismantled. Pressure, landfill, incineration, etc. are destroyed.

At the same time, Fuzhou, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Nanping and other simultaneous development, synchronous destruction. According to statistics, on the same day, in the province’s concentrated unified destruction of the special law enforcement actions of rural counterfeit and shoddy food, there were more than 40 tons of counterfeit and shoddy food and more than 1.0 million yuan.

Since this year, the Fujian Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has been in accordance with the provincial public security department, the provincial agricultural 上海90分钟全套 rural bureau, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Department of Marine and Fisheries, and the provincial supply and marketing cooperatives have been organized for a period of 1 year. Special law enforcement in rural counterfeit and shoddy food. In order to further crack down on rural production and sale of counterfeit and fake food illegal, illegal and crime, highlight the firm determination of the province’s market supervision department to combat illegal activities in counterfeit and shoddy food, expand the impact of special law enforcement actions, the province has concentrated destruction of special law enforcement actions seized More than 60 tons of food, worth more than 320 million yuan.


Changdu 2nd Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition ended

  After more than two months of preliminary competition, the finals of Changdu 2nd Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition recently came to an end in Tsuen Square in Changdu.

Tibetan Penbar Culture Communication Company’s Tibetan 上海最便宜的水磨会所 Project won the laistan and won 50,000 yuan of entrepreneurial support funds. It is understood that this contest is jointly hosted by the Communist Youth League Municipal Committee, Changdu New District Development and Construction Management Committee, China Post Savings Bank Changdu City Branch, and the Youth Entrepreneurial Employment Service Guidance Center, Tibetan East Qing Chuang Space, with "Youth Jianmin Xinchang All, entrepreneurship, dreaming, winning, ".

Since the start of the competition, the active participation of the majority of entrepreneurs in Changdu City has been promoted. After the line of Shanghai selection, the initial competition, online voting, empower training, etc., the final 13 players stand out, and advance to the finals. In the finals, 13 players conducted demonstrations on their respective 上海静安哪有保健会所 projects, and the expert judges scored, and finally produced a first prize, 2 second prizes, three third prizes, 6 excellent project awards, 3 online popularity awards .

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Daxie Dongdong National Science and Technology Award is reduced, Shanghai can put three major "first fight"

The past award-winning "Creation and Protection and Research and Utilization of Rice Genetic Resources" project is led by the Shanghai Agricultural Biosome Center, 10 units participate in completion, both research institutes across the country, and companies. The Shanghai 48 award-winning projects have been completed by the Shanghai scientific research unit, accounting for the total number of Shanghai awards, and the lead items in three consecutive years are more than 50%.

This is not only the embodiment of Shanghai’s innovative policy source and scientific research skills. "Shanghai agriculture is minimal, it is impossible to become agricultural market, but will become a strong agricultural technology.

"Cai You Ming, the Dean of the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the national high level in Shanghai Agriculture Station, only technological innovation.

In 2000, the establishment of major special projects in Shanghai launched the construction of "Shanghai Agricultural Genome".

In 2002, the gene bank was built and established the "Shanghai Agricultural Biochemical Center" management to run the gene bank.

At the time of the China Rice Research Institute, I have not thought about it later, I have become the central chief scientist.

"Do you study whether rice runs wrong in Shanghai?" I received an olive branch from Shanghai. He hesitated himself, and he did not dare to take his own research.

The Shanghai Agricultural Committee, Mao Mao, once a secondary analysis of the Mission of the Gene Center, and Luolijun was said. "The primary task of gene libraries is to collect rice germplasm resources, protect, and then the development and utilization of germplasm resources." Rally, the Ralemili, which is guarding the drought and drought, is aware that this is the basis of the basis of the basics.

The collection protection of germplasm resources is a long-term, monotonous and heavy work. It is difficult to form an important result in a short period of time, publish a papers with high impact factors.

The Ralei Army found that the researchers of Shanghai’s own innovation, openness, inclusive genes, and the north of the north, and the Northern Sea are able to study the research. "Over the years, the competent authorities have never requested that we have made a result, what award, but in turn to solve the problem of researchers, hungry.

Ralemili said. Since then, a group of researchers headed by Raleigh, horses the horses, walked into the north, looking for high quality rice germplasm resources, especially dry rice seeds.

"I heard a wild rice seed, I can’t wait to catch it right away, I will be excited when I see wild rice, as if there is a mission to drive.

"After years of hard work, the Shanghai Agricultural Biological Society collected 360 species, a total of 230,000 germplasm resources, and the number of genetic resources in rice is the world’s most comprehensive, and the national breeders are available. The rich data resources. More than 20 years ago, the Ralemilitary team broke through the "bottleneck" of rice germplasm resources and the environment, and developed less pesticides, less fertilization, water-saving and drought resistance, high-yield quality. Super rice. In 2020, the flooding area of ??Wangjiaba, Anhui Province, almost all plants were covered, the only remaining "rice strong".

"The purpose of collecting rice germplasm resources is to put out to share the researchers, educate better rice varieties. This is one of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Strategies." So far, Shanghai Agricultural Genum Library is widely available Applications in the breeding and basic theory of rice varieties in my country, resources share more than 80,000 times, cloning a batch of important genes, butting into 327 new varieties, of which 71 rice new varieties promote the production of Suijing No. 18 The largest variety of 虹口区哪里有油压 rice growing in rice in my country, with an annual promotion area of ??more than 10 million mu. Enterprise technology innovation subject strength is active in Shanghai 48 awards, and the company has won 4 first prizes, 12 second prizes, accounting for 1/3 of Shanghai. In the 20 three-year-old generic project participating in cooperation in Shanghai, the city’s enterprises participated in nine, more than colleges and research institutes, corporate integration, and even lead high-level innovation networks, and more widely configured innovative resources. In particular, the "Autonomous Development and Industrialization of Highlight Magnetic Resonance Medicine Imaging Equipment" project led by Shanghai Lianying Medical Technology Co., Ltd., won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, is 14 上海花千坊龙凤 years of Shanghai, once again led by private enterprises. .


Contribute to Chinese wisdom to protect biodiversity

Original title: To protect biodiversity, China Wisdom Recently, the 15th Conference of the Convention on Biological Diversity opened in Kunming, Yunnan, and the "Ecological Civilization: Co-establishment of the Earth Life Community" is the global biodiversity. Sexual protection painting in the future. President Xi Jinping emphasized in the chairman of the 15th Conference of the Convention on Biological Diversity, emphasized: "Biodiversity makes the earth full of vitality, and the basis of human survival and development.

Protecting biodiversity helps maintain the global homes to promote human sustainable development. "As the host’s China, in recent years, it has been committed to promoting the modernization of people and natural harmonious symbiosis, forming a complete set of energy, operational, effective system ideas, practices, and contributing to the construction of the Earth’s Life Community China’s wisdom, Chinese program, China actions, China’s strength, highlighting the responsibility of great countries and the big country.

Chinese people have attached 上海新茶网 great importance to people in harmony between people and nature since ancient times, respect nature and protect nature. The diversity of biology has created a colorful world.

China has always attached great importance to biological diversity protection, continuously promoting biodiversity protection and advancement, innovation.

The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China incorporates 上海水磨干磨会所 the construction of ecological civilization into the five-in-one overall layout, enhances to an unprecedented strategic status, and puts forward the "beautiful China" concept. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will also be one of the basic stories of adhering to and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics as the new era. In the new development concept, green development is an indispensable annual part.

"Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan", has become a consciousness of internalization. A series of new ideas new ideas for ecological civilization and green development, providing basic follow-up to biodiversity protection, pointing out clear directions, planning a clear path.

In recent years, through the main functional area system, the national park system, the "three-way" control system, comprehensive ecological compensation mechanism, biodiversity protection and poverty reduction, etc., we have built a full range of organisms. Diversity protection framework, from the source to avoid large-scale development of biodiversity enrichment, to ensure the independence of ecological space, and maintain ecological fairness, thus laid a solid foundation for biodiversity protection. Through the joint efforts of the whole society, 90% of the vegetation types and land ecosystems, 65% of higher plants, and 85% of the high-graphic communities have been effectively protected, and the bio-genetic resources collection and preservation is ranked first in the forefront of the world. The new pattern of diversity governance is basically formed.

"Oriental Gem" Zhu Yu habitat, and it is enlarged from 5 square kilometers from the time of finding to 10,000 square kilometers. "Rainforest Song King" Hainan gibbon has been less than 10 from two groups, and it has increased to 5 groups of 33. At the same time, my country has actively promoted the global governance of ecological civilization and biodiversity, setting up the South-South Cooperation Fund, and initiative to establish "a belt all the way" Green Development International Alliance, and has carried out environmental exchanges with more than 100 countries, and strive to promote " International Chorus ". These real works, fully activate the system effectiveness, created the land space layout, economic industrial structure, and production and lifestyle of biodiversity protection, and contribute to China’s wisdom to promote global biodiversity protection. Strengthen biodiversity protection, build the ecological safety barrier, work in contemporary, and benefit in the Millennium.

I believe that the "Biodiversity Convention" Parties as an opportunity, China will work together with the international community to jointly protect all things to symbiosis, and jointly build people and the natural life community.

"People’s Daily" (05th edition, October 10, 202) (Editor: Zhengpu Li, Liu Yingwei) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.


Changzhou sealing zone: residents do not leave home security service

Original title: Residents do not leave home, guarantee service online November 3, Changzhou 3 regions, 9 places are included 上海海选品茶微信 in the epidemic sealing area, implement "regional enclosure, not post, service to the door".

As the largest sealing community in Changzhou, what is the situation in the Yusheng Community in Huntang Town, Wujin District? This reporter conducted visits. The group information was 24 hours uninterrupted "Yucheng Epidemic Prevention Food Group" WeChat group, the message continued to flash. "There are also a few bags of new rice in my family, and I need to contact me." "Ping peace is more important than this week."

come on! Neighbors come on! "My hometown has a vegetable garden, and I can contact me anxious. "" Just see who wants to help milk powder, you can contact me. "Since the 3rd, the group information has never been broken at almost 24 hours.

Zhuang Yajuan, Party Secretary of Yongding Community, said, in time, in addition to the delivery, the question is also given a timely answer, and the professional psychological counselor is arranged to give psychological counseling. At 8 o’clock on the 3rd, a "courier little brother is stranded in the community without a place to live in the rental house".

"I have a charging treasure" "I found a dress together with the past" "Bring a little fruit" … The owner Sun Haiyun replied in the group "I can live in the first floor of my family!", Immediately start to prepare all kinds of daily necessities, let the accident Zhang Jijiang has a temporary home. During the isolation closure, the community staff took the "waiter" that was isolated by the household. By establishing the package warranty mechanism, contact the corresponding masses, distributing vegetables, meat, grain, fruit, 上海qm社区 medicines such as fruits.

At 10 o’clock on the 3rd, the 61st resident Liu Xi’s home has once again sounded by volunteers. "This box is a breakfast for you.

"" Today, 3 items have been sent, vegetables, leeks, and, now, now also sent a cake.

"Liu Xi said, although the isolation time is not long, but the closed difficulty and inconvenience have been" smooth ". 3 drone" Bilingual "shout" wearing a mask, one meter line, test! "" Huntang refueling, Yusheng Come on! " "At 12 o’clock on the 3rd, a drone with a wireless broadcast equipment took off at the Yusheng Community Square, and the shouts came from high altitude." After receiving the notice in the morning, we charge the drone equipment. , Overhaul, and urgently purchased the shouting speaker, loaded on the plane. "Unmanned Operation Volunteer Team, General Manager of Changzhou Xiaoyu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., said, a total of three drones, team shifts, can achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted loop playback. Unmanned shout All of the content is recorded and provided, Mandarin and Changzhou version "Bilingual" cycling, maximizing 4 segments, and can be updated at any time according to actual update content. " Compared to today’s efficiency is higher.

At 1 pm 4, the resident Guo Xinjian and the neighbors waited for nucleic acid detection under the "calling" of the drone.

"Please wear a mask, don’t crowd, go home, don’t stay in the community.

"The volunteer team composed of community staff, mener, property staff, police, enthusiastic owner, etc. Nearly 10,000 people were sampled, and the results were negative.

The second round is set in the cell to set up 8 sampling points in the community, in three hours of early, medium, late, take ten mixed detection technology, in units of unit buildings, the residents of the community after receiving the notice, take the sampling in batches Point queues waiting sampling, you can get the test results within 6 hours.

10 meters buffer to run 10 million steps "The police call me in place, rushing up my snake bag, ask the address to turn, send the goods, the movement is really a cloud." 3 pm on the 4th, the public Zhang Mi went to Yu City to send grain and oil to the sister of the home, is preparing to carry a rice to the buffer, and the police "discovered" of the responsible epidemic prevention work. "At present, the police are mainly responsible for the order maintenance and security work of the door buffer.

"The martial arts of the Wujin District Public Security Bureau, the martial arts police brief, the police, Bai Long, is guiding the citizens of the residents to send daily necessities in the community to fill in the unit number, house number and household name.

The isolation column of Bailong’s registry to the community door has a distance of nearly 10 meters, which is set into a buffer for handling materials. On the morning of November 4, the community added a police force, and the party members of the 80 police were assembled here. Seeing the residents of the community far gesturing, the Wu Yun, the police of the Wujin Public Security Bureau, Liu Wei, Liu Wei, "I want to quickly solve the problem, let the residents are so comfortable." "All types of materials that are labeled Entering the community, you must immediately classify and transport, otherwise, you will get more ", the Economic Investigation Brigade police Zhang Kai watched the shipping needed, the left one and the right bag, pick up the material, all the way to send it to the corridor.

"Don’t underestimate this distance!" Bai Long said that each one will run at least 10,000 steps per day, "there are more participants, more divided into labor, clearer, and the process is clearer." □ This reporter Cai Yuxian Qin Wang Ning (Editor: Xiao Yu, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.


2021 "The most beautiful book" selection in Shanghai

Original title: 2021 "The most beautiful book" selection in Shanghai, this newspaper (Reporter Cao Lingjuan) Who is 2021 "The most beautiful book"?On November 1st, "Summer 上海杨浦水磨会所 Story", "Remember at the time" "Liang Sicheng’s homework" "Qu Yuan’s total collection", "China Ancient World Painting Research", etc. 25 books have won the title of "the most beautiful book" this year.

The public welfare book design annual selection activities "the most beautiful book" was founded in 2003.This year, the "most beautiful book" selection activity was held in Shanghai on October 30. The expert jury consisting of senior book designers and publishers was selected from more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions from the country. More than 300 pieces of publication units.The work is strictly reviewed, and 25 award-winning works will eventually produce 25 winners.

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