Ge Weidong, Chen Haishu, etc.

  The first batch of listed companies in the North Exchange has 爱上海mm自荐 increased significantly this year (including the original layers of listings). Among them, there are triple, five times big bull stock! There have been many capital gaps behind.

Now let us decrypt investment layout of the North Exchange of the Investors. The private equity media card was discovered, and many private equity were "ambush" on the Beijiao listed company. Many private raw circles appeared in the list of shareholders in the first batch of listed companies.

  "Private Equity" Ge Weidong adds Beturiwan stock in the third quarter of this year. As of the end of the third quarter, Ge Wei Dongti’s fifth major shareholder, with a shareholding share of shares, and the shareholding ratio was%. Bertry is known as the Beijiao "Middle Friends", this year, the share price has increased 爱上海水磨休闲会所 by 353%. Betrei is a core product based on lithium-ion battery negative material and positive material, is a new energy material research and development and manufacturer.

  Chen Haishu held 800,000 shares in the second quarter of 2015, became the third major shareholder; 2016 year report showed that Chen Haishu added to Wan Shares, and maintained it to the third large shareholder. Henghe Shares have risen by this year, and the main oil and petrochemical enterprises provide gas station oil and gas recovery equipment, liquid level measuring equipment, oil and gas recovery online monitoring system and other products.

  Jianbang Technology In 2021, the third quarter of Renbang said that Ningquan Zhiyuan No. 55 private equity securities investment fund holds Wan Shao, and has become the eighth largest shares shareholders. Jiabang Technology has risen by 52% this year; the development, design and sales of non-volatile components in the market after the main car.


Dragon Chinese offer to exchange notes due 2021

[] October 26, Dragonair, China () announced that, for non-US persons living outside the United States held by 2021% coupon rate of maturity of bills to expand exchange offer, while the issue of new notes, the lowest rate of return as%, 364-day deadline. For the exchange offer, Dragonair, China, said the company intends to refinance its debt structure and improve the existing bills, extend the term of the debt, improve cash flow management.

The news came out, the first to be given the capital market response, Dragonair, China’s share price the day down%. As of the afternoon of October 29th, Dragonair China’s closing price of HK $ / share. Depending on the results of the exchange offer to holders of Notes data show that China Dragonair above the existing notes have been listed on the SGX, 2020 December 2 value date, expiration date December 1, 2021, issue size billion dollars ,% coupon rate. The Dragon is the only dollar bills a debt China since July last year, landing HKEx issued.

  On the exchange in terms of the cost of existing Noteholders if holding $ 1,000, you will get interest on the New Notes and $ 1,000, while the minimum subscription of new bills amount of US $ 200,000.

In addition to the exchange offer, Dragonair, China will issue new notes, the net proceeds for general corporate refinancing and as working capital. Notice also announced a timetable for the exchange offer. Among them, the exchange offer began from October 26, November 3 exchange period expires, and the principal amount of the New Notes, interest rates, etc. pricing announced after the expiration of the exchange period. November 15, the New Notes on the SGX-ST listing.

  A source close to informed sources said Dragonair China, Dragonair, China hopes to extend the debt service bills by the time the exchange offer, by its very nature is to seek debt rollover, and to give yourself more time to maneuver.

Since many housing prices debt default has occurred, Dragonair, China’s exchange offer and the new notes issued there is a big uncertainty, the final result depends on whether the Noteholder buy it.

  In fact, the housing enterprises financing environment continues to deteriorate.

China Index Research Institute data show that in September the total amount of financing for the real estate business billion yuan, down percent, a decline%, monthly financing fell for seven consecutive months.

This year from January to September, total real estate financing business billion yuan, down percent.

  "Earlier, a number of housing prices in dollar bonds fell sharply, investor confidence has been hit hard. Additionally, the three major international credit rating agencies lowered the credit rating batch of housing prices and bonds, causing the entire real estate industry credit rating decline .

These negative factors continued superimposed, resulting in Dragonair China refinancing more difficult, "said informed sources said. Asset-liability ratio over 80% in addition to harsh financing environment, the market is expected downturn, housing prices sales performance less than ideal. September Dragonair together with its Chinese joint venture companies and associates achieved contracted sales of approximately billion reduction% MoM.

"The current market down, housing prices weak sales, payment ability is blocked, or would affect the solvency of" The insider added. "All along, Dragonair, China’s limited financing channels, higher financing costs, even after the listing is difficult to change this situation. Such housing prices itself is relatively weak anti-risk ability, once the market freeze, easily exposed liquidity problems, "industry analysts believe. By the end of October, Dragonair, China’s listed more than a year, the net financing obtained through the billion-dollar market, and a debt issuance over the dollar in 上海高端工作室资源 December last year, at a fixed annual interest rate of% per annum, which is much higher than the cost of financing debt dollar The average coupon rate. Wind data show that since January 2019, debt issued overseas housing prices more than 80, 415 US dollars only involve debt totaled $ 138.6 billion, with an average coupon rate of%.

  As of June 30, Dragonair China’s asset-liability ratio%, the data at the end of 2018, the end of 2019, by the end of 2020 percent,%%. After the listing, Dragonair, China frequently take place.

Last August, China with Dragonair billion King Jiangsu Province Pavilion Lakes Road south east, the east side of the open road block, premium rate%; September last year, competing in Chengdu Shuangliu Dongsheng plate a pure residential land premium rate%; November last year, at a cost of 上海静安桑拿会所 one hundred million won Dragonair China Guangzhou Zengcheng piece of land, although the opening price, but needs to free the land with the construction of many public facilities, potentially increasing the cost of development.

According to statistics, in 2020 China achieved contracted sales Dragonair billion yuan, China’s Dragonair to get to the same period the amount of yuan, accounting for sales contracts%. "Housing prices after the market suffered a contraction of the expansion of its capital chain also faces enormous challenges. Forced by three red lines of the regulation, Dragonair China has begun to optimize the debt structure, but the market changes too fast, far exceeded expectations," the industry source said. Semi-annual report, Dragonair, China’s net debt ratio of 25%, asset-liability ratio 上海干磨水磨休闲服务 after excluding pre-payment of 68%, short-term debt than cash. According to the "three-line fourth gear" point of view, China’s Dragonair three red lines were not exceed the threshold, ranked "green shift."

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Changzhou sealing zone: residents do not leave home security service

Original title: Residents do not leave home, guarantee service online November 3, Changzhou 3 regions, 9 places are included 上海海选品茶微信 in the epidemic sealing area, implement "regional enclosure, not post, service to the door".

As the largest sealing community in Changzhou, what is the situation in the Yusheng Community in Huntang Town, Wujin District? This reporter conducted visits. The group information was 24 hours uninterrupted "Yucheng Epidemic Prevention Food Group" WeChat group, the message continued to flash. "There are also a few bags of new rice in my family, and I need to contact me." "Ping peace is more important than this week."

come on! Neighbors come on! "My hometown has a vegetable garden, and I can contact me anxious. "" Just see who wants to help milk powder, you can contact me. "Since the 3rd, the group information has never been broken at almost 24 hours.

Zhuang Yajuan, Party Secretary of Yongding Community, said, in time, in addition to the delivery, the question is also given a timely answer, and the professional psychological counselor is arranged to give psychological counseling. At 8 o’clock on the 3rd, a "courier little brother is stranded in the community without a place to live in the rental house".

"I have a charging treasure" "I found a dress together with the past" "Bring a little fruit" … The owner Sun Haiyun replied in the group "I can live in the first floor of my family!", Immediately start to prepare all kinds of daily necessities, let the accident Zhang Jijiang has a temporary home. During the isolation closure, the community staff took the "waiter" that was isolated by the household. By establishing the package warranty mechanism, contact the corresponding masses, distributing vegetables, meat, grain, fruit, 上海qm社区 medicines such as fruits.

At 10 o’clock on the 3rd, the 61st resident Liu Xi’s home has once again sounded by volunteers. "This box is a breakfast for you.

"" Today, 3 items have been sent, vegetables, leeks, and, now, now also sent a cake.

"Liu Xi said, although the isolation time is not long, but the closed difficulty and inconvenience have been" smooth ". 3 drone" Bilingual "shout" wearing a mask, one meter line, test! "" Huntang refueling, Yusheng Come on! " "At 12 o’clock on the 3rd, a drone with a wireless broadcast equipment took off at the Yusheng Community Square, and the shouts came from high altitude." After receiving the notice in the morning, we charge the drone equipment. , Overhaul, and urgently purchased the shouting speaker, loaded on the plane. "Unmanned Operation Volunteer Team, General Manager of Changzhou Xiaoyu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., said, a total of three drones, team shifts, can achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted loop playback. Unmanned shout All of the content is recorded and provided, Mandarin and Changzhou version "Bilingual" cycling, maximizing 4 segments, and can be updated at any time according to actual update content. " Compared to today’s efficiency is higher.

At 1 pm 4, the resident Guo Xinjian and the neighbors waited for nucleic acid detection under the "calling" of the drone.

"Please wear a mask, don’t crowd, go home, don’t stay in the community.

"The volunteer team composed of community staff, mener, property staff, police, enthusiastic owner, etc. Nearly 10,000 people were sampled, and the results were negative.

The second round is set in the cell to set up 8 sampling points in the community, in three hours of early, medium, late, take ten mixed detection technology, in units of unit buildings, the residents of the community after receiving the notice, take the sampling in batches Point queues waiting sampling, you can get the test results within 6 hours.

10 meters buffer to run 10 million steps "The police call me in place, rushing up my snake bag, ask the address to turn, send the goods, the movement is really a cloud." 3 pm on the 4th, the public Zhang Mi went to Yu City to send grain and oil to the sister of the home, is preparing to carry a rice to the buffer, and the police "discovered" of the responsible epidemic prevention work. "At present, the police are mainly responsible for the order maintenance and security work of the door buffer.

"The martial arts of the Wujin District Public Security Bureau, the martial arts police brief, the police, Bai Long, is guiding the citizens of the residents to send daily necessities in the community to fill in the unit number, house number and household name.

The isolation column of Bailong’s registry to the community door has a distance of nearly 10 meters, which is set into a buffer for handling materials. On the morning of November 4, the community added a police force, and the party members of the 80 police were assembled here. Seeing the residents of the community far gesturing, the Wu Yun, the police of the Wujin Public Security Bureau, Liu Wei, Liu Wei, "I want to quickly solve the problem, let the residents are so comfortable." "All types of materials that are labeled Entering the community, you must immediately classify and transport, otherwise, you will get more ", the Economic Investigation Brigade police Zhang Kai watched the shipping needed, the left one and the right bag, pick up the material, all the way to send it to the corridor.

"Don’t underestimate this distance!" Bai Long said that each one will run at least 10,000 steps per day, "there are more participants, more divided into labor, clearer, and the process is clearer." □ This reporter Cai Yuxian Qin Wang Ning (Editor: Xiao Yu, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.


Guard the people’s livelihood in the "vegetable basket" (on-site comment)

Recently, Host Mom, who lives in Yunshuiyuan Community, Hexi District, Tianjin, no longer worrying about buying a price. The supermarket near her home has set up a government reserve vegetable supply point, and some dishes are both cheap and fresh.

Recently, Tianjin launched the government’上海品茶论坛低端 s reserve vegetable production and effectiveness should have changed market changes to meet the needs of citizens.

A small "vegetable basket", "installed" with big people’s livelihood. The price of goods such as grain and oil meat vegetable milk is prone to other agricultural prices.

Therefore, the supply is that the public is a living, stable prices are stable people. In this sense, in-depth implementation of important agricultural products guarantee strategy, improve the responsibility system of food security and "vegetable basket", must always maintain the high concern of the resident necessities market, moderate and moderate to the relevant field Price. "Cooking Basket", one with a urban resident, a group of farmers group; guarding the people’s livelihood of "two", the middle circulation link is the key.

Entering winter, subject to weather changes, logistics traffic, etc., market supply and demand will inevitably fluctuate. To this end, it is important to ensure that life essentials such as vegetables are timely villages, go to the city, go to the city, on the table, and pass the transportation channel.

For all localities, it is necessary to further expand the supply channel of agricultural products, which guide local leading companies to do a good job in production, and also strive to expand their foreign goods and actively organize production and marketing.

In response to excessive intermediate links, layers, the price, etc., can rely on the online shopping platform, develop direct supply, etc., further enhance the flow efficiency and quality.

Ensure that the price of goods such as grain and oil meat vegetable milk is overall, focusing on sounding long-term mechanisms.

On the one hand, the relevant departments should gradually improve the monitoring and early warning mechanism of important agricultural products market, organize professional power, analyze the production costs, circulation costs and prices of "vegetable basket" products, and study in advance, take the judgment measures in advance, keep the market stable, better maintenance of farmers Planting aquaculture. On the other hand, it should also enhance coordination linkage, overtake the stable production, expand its supply, combat price illegal, reserve adjustment, public opinion promotion, and the like to help protect the stability.

Improve the relevant mechanisms, and continue to improve the ability to respond to market changes, they can demonstrate their responsibility, governance, and write people’s livelihood answers.

"Cooking Basket" "Fruit Plate" "rice bag" is related to thousands of households, and it is also related to the overall operation of economic and social. In the long run, you must work hard to supply high-quality agricultural and sideline products for the masses in the improvement and efficiency, and also actively broaden the supply channels to ensure that the supply is sufficient; , The transit and other links are in an orderly manner, and the "capillary" "circulating circulation is to make the goods, which gives the people to buy, affordable. Scientifically plan all parties, integrate all kinds of resources, and dredge all aspects, in order to better protect supplies including "vegetable baskets". The people take food for the day.

"The vegetable basket" stabilized in the city and rural two, and the masses were three meals a day.

Guard the "vegetable basket" of the people, full protection, safety, insurance quality, 上海飞机店kbsecurity service, real thing to do good things, can make the masses more comfortable and more comfortable.

True to ensure the protection and improvement of people’s livelihood work, do everything possible to pay for people, gather people, we must make the people’s acquisition is more embarrassed, happiness is more sustainable, and the sense of security is more secure. (The author is a reporter of this newspaper Tianjin Branch).


2021 "The most beautiful book" selection in Shanghai

Original title: 2021 "The most beautiful book" selection in Shanghai, this newspaper (Reporter Cao Lingjuan) Who is 2021 "The most beautiful book"?On November 1st, "Summer 上海杨浦水磨会所 Story", "Remember at the time" "Liang Sicheng’s homework" "Qu Yuan’s total collection", "China Ancient World Painting Research", etc. 25 books have won the title of "the most beautiful book" this year.

The public welfare book design annual selection activities "the most beautiful book" was founded in 2003.This year, the "most beautiful book" selection activity was held in Shanghai on October 30. The expert jury consisting of senior book designers and publishers was selected from more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions from the country. More than 300 pieces of publication units.The work is strictly reviewed, and 25 award-winning works will eventually produce 25 winners.

(Editor: Job, Zhou Yuting) Sharing let more 上海品茶微信桑拿酒店 people see client download.


2021 Gansu Province Subject Basic Endowment Insurance Statistics Announcement

Original title: In 2021, the relevant statistics of the basic endowment insurance in Gansu Province recently announced recently, the Gansu Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, Gansu Provincial Department of Finance, Gansu Provincial Bureau of Statistics, the State Administration of Taxation 上海可以约的微信群 issued a notice, announced 2021Statistics on the basic endowment insurance for employees in Gansu Province.

Notice 上海洗浴论坛推荐 points out that in 2021, the basic pension ceremony of the province’s employees was 6791 yuan.

In 2020, the provincial 上海外卖工作室微信群 total caliber urban unit employment staff monthly average salary is 6063 yuan, Gansu Province 2021, the basic endowment insurance individual monthly payment base is 18,189 yuan, the lower limit standard is 3638 yuan.

The above statistics have been used from January 1, 2021.

Zhao Wanshan, Lanzhou Daily.


Bao "Tibet" story supports economic development! Tibet has averaged 13.77% in the year in nearly 5 years.

The reporter has recently learned from the National Grid Tibet Power Co., Ltd. that in the past five years, with the continuous advancement of power grid, Tibet’s economic and social development is rapidly released. In 2016 to 2020, Tibet’s total electricity consumption is increased. The speed is%, and it has reached 100 million in 2020.

Especially the growth of electricity and commercial electricity increases, the average annual growth rate of electricity in the first, second and three industries is%,% and%. On November 20th, the Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, officially accessed, a more secure and reliable and stable national large grid.

"The First Class in the world" is one of the maintenance points of the Qinghai-Tibet, and the annual average temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. The squad leader Yongzha said, there are 44 people who have been stationed in the workers all year round. They are equipped with large machinery. They are far from the surrounding towns and exceed the power supply range, and the performance and maintenance costs of power generation is high and unstable. Nowadays, the work area, living area is also Don’t worry about electricity problems. Tibet has been put into output production in many hydropower stations in recent years. The Tibetan Hydropower Station, which is investing in Huaneng Group. The first unit is put into production power generation in 2014. The 6-machine assembly capacity is 51 million kilowatts; the installed capacity of 360,000 上海老司机喝茶群 kilowatts is all put into production in 2020; investment 12.2 billion yuan The ancient hydropower station is Tibet’s largest domestic demand hydropower project, and the first unit is generated in May this year.

Since "13th Five", many power stations have been put into production, alleviating the power supply and winter and spring season of Tibet, and effectively improve the safe stability level and 闵行水磨会所一条龙 power security capacity of Tibet grid.

Since 2010, the construction of the Qinghai Tibetan Power Networking project has been started. More than 100,000 electric builders have a wind and snow, endurance, and sequentially built Qinghai-Tibet, Chuan Tibet, Tibet, Ali Union Network 4 "Electricity Tiandao", large power grid covers Tibet All 74 counties (districts), the reliability of power supply in the area is reached.

In recent years, under the national power grid support guarantee, Tibet electric supply and demand situation has been effectively improved, and the whole society has a two-digit growth in many years.

The relevant person in charge of the State Grid Tibet Electric Power Co., Ltd. said that during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, State Grid Co., Ltd. invests 46.6 billion yuan in Tibet, further strengthens Tibet and Southwest Power Grid network, actively promotes the early work of the Qinghai-Tibet DC Phase II and other projects. Replenishing county power grid, central town and industrial park. Text reporter: Liu Hongming posters Shoot: Liu Hongming Poster Production: Once Nouruu.