Four young people dream new journey – all local youth learning and implementation implementation

The quarter of the grapefruit is listed, and the first secretary of the village in Guang’an, Guang’an, Sichuan, and Jinda, the first secretary of the village, busy with fresh fruit, while busy the sale of agricultural products from the village.

Since the Ministry of Commerce to Revolution for more than two years, Jinda, 33 years old, with the villagers and other 爱上海419油压论坛 dispatched cadres, to achieve the "innovation" of the revolutionary village: refine the production of grapefruit production and improve the quality, establish an e-commerce site to carry out Online sales, live broadcast to the green specialty in the house of farmers … Revolution Village has been poverty "picking a cap", but Jinda’s ideas have run more. "When we leave, you must let the revolution 上海498的水磨干磨 can play with yourself ‘.

"Jinda said, said that he and colleagues are in helping the young people in the village, the" full skills "such as the promotion, sales services, only the innovation, the village can always" new ".

In the interview, the reporter found that some "post-80" "90" and "95" personal and team are in the use of new ideas to achieve extraordinary changes.

– In their hands, complex things can become very simple.

"The traditional multi-level wholesale drug flow mode is not high, and the layered transfers also lead to high prices, we are to use Internet technology to change this phenomenon.

"Li Meng, CEO of Wuhan Xiaotong Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. this year, said that in the past five years, their service system has enabled drugs to achieve" direct "from manufacturers to pharmacies and clinics, serving the country 20 More than 300,000 terminal pharmacies and grassroots clinics in multiple provinces and districts, the efficiency is significantly improved.

"The Five Plenary Session puts forward a comprehensive promotion of healthy China construction, so that the health system is more perfect.

This makes our innovation more clear, better for the masses.

"Li Meng said. – In their heart," Sunset "can also become vigorous. On the Tiantai, Yunnan Kunming Guandu District Pension Comprehensive Service Demonstration Center, the reporter saw Yang Jiarong, director of the 24-year-old Nursing Department, she is being Watch patiently asked the old people’s physical condition.

Yang Jiarong and "95" colleagues were almost the same as those of these elderly, and they had also been questioned when they were "not going to do." However, they not only finished the work of feeding, scrub, etc.

"Implementing active response to population aging national strategies, for us to do our daily services, let more young partners join this full of hopeful industries.

Yang Jiarong said. – In their eyes, everyone can become confident and beautiful.

Using a number of original technologies, 39-year-old Meitu company founder and CEO Wu Xinhong and young team focus on building an innovative platform such as an imaging laboratory, and the achievements apply a lot of business scenes underline online, so that users are more beautiful in virtual world, Find confidence in real life.

"With the big data era of the ‘changed’ industry, we must integrate more technologies into life and help more people become beautiful.

"Wu Xinhong said. In the Shuangliu Sichuan branch in Chengdu Shuangliu, a performance advanced ARJ21 simulator is about to be installed. Jiang Yizi, who was born in 1987, led the" 95 ", and recently in order to master the simulator. The handling technology is busy to go home. The project requires super high level in flight simulation system, aircraft system, and flight technology. After three months day and night, they have passed the heavy assessment, which has previously taken a year. The job qualification and ability can be mastered. "The Fifth Plenary Session depicts a clear blueprint. In this best era, we have a power, confident! "Jiang Yuqi said, the more solid flying training, the domestic plane can fly more security, the construction of transportation strong countries, the development of the development of the aviation industry is more enough. The power of the strong country on the new journey, let the young people fighting on each battleline Unexpected exploration and practice, shorten the timetable for achieving the goal. Shaanxi Xi’an, Shaanxi Auto Group Heavy truck assembly line, there is a product offline every 6 minutes. "We continue to optimize each process, use new technology, from A few years ago 10 minutes shortening to now 6 minutes, now we are still optimized in detail, efficiency will get higher and higher. Qi Xiang, deputy director of the Group’s total assembly, said, "Five Plenary Section" "Workers are working on Xi’an’s Shaanxi Auto Group production (November 2). Xinhua News Agency, Liu Wei, in Hunan Zhuzhou, Zhuzhou Zhongxing Electric Co., Ltd., 35-year-old Minister Li Changlong, Minister Li Changlong and The changedflow module of the team is intelligent manufacturing model line full of "Future", intelligent unit line mode, one work island is all system interfaces of various human-computer interaction. On November 9th, workers in Zhuzhou Automated production line monitor.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Ding Hongfa photo presented, unswervingly of building a strong country, promoting industrial fundamentals, modernization of industrial chain, which allows Li Changlong to be encouraged. "We have been shrinking the gap between itself and advanced intelligent manufacturing industry. In the rail transit industry, we must have the ability to become a strong country." Li Changlong said, "According to the deployment of the Five Plenary, transform our youth strength into powerful development kinetic energy The goal of strong country can be achieved. "The drone cluster system products have received attention at the third into the Expo, many Europe and America, Southeast Asia and other places have expressed their willingness, which makes 39-year-old Tianjin University professor Qi Junxia Xinxin Double increase.

In the past 5 years, he founded a flying control (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. product line continues to abundant, applied to flight performances, rescue and other industries, apply for more than 180 patents, and the research and development speed of new products is gradually accelerating. "The Five Plenary Session puts forward, adhere to the core position of innovation in the overall situation of modernization in my country. Young people love innovation, innovation has hope, the new journey will be more exciting." Qi Juntong said.

Into the Guangzhou Biological Island Laboratory Exhibition Hall, a targeted scientific research results in the fields of major respiratory infectious diseases, stem cells and regenerative medicine in front of the reporter. A set of beautiful new crown virus rapid detection devices attracted a reporter. Participating in the development of this product is Guangzhou Puetelihua Technology Co., Ltd., its core team members are mostly "85" "90" doctoral and associate professors.

During the epidemic, according to the unified deployment of the Biological Island Lab, they urgently start the new crown virus to quickly detect R & D projects, develop and take care of accurate, low-cost, easy to operate.

"The Fifth Plenary Session clarified the goal, we ushered in the golden period of struggle, as the country continuously launched a good policy in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, we must bury their own things, let good results benefit more Many people. "Puerto Lihua CEO Chen Hao said. This is the Guangzhou Bio Island (drone photo) taken on November 12.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liang quickly took the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the secretary of the Party Branch of the East Hospital of Wuhan University People’s Hospital, the deputy director, the relevant research team, cooperated to develop nano-hole target sequencing technology and artificial intelligent imaging diagnostic system and other results, Fast recognition and diagnosis and treatment of new coronary pneumonia have provided important support. This "80" doctor dedicated to research and development, the "80" doctor who uses new results, the team actively explores the control of cardiovascular disease by non-invasive nerve regulation technology, and has obtained a number of international and domestic awards.

"I hope to convert basic research into a product, transformed into China’s good instruments, good drugs, and benefit the majority of patients, and contribute to the construction of healthy China.

"Yu Lithon said. The busy bear in Yunnan Dali is also a" doctor ". He heals that this local person relies on the water area of ??survival. As the deputy minister of the Department of Engineering Department, Huanhai Ecological Corriding Command, Xiong Yishi Almost no-in, optimized engineering design, supervising construction quality, is that it is once again huenhable.

"The Fifth Plenary Session puts forward, promoting green development, promoting people and natural harmony symbiosis.

Repair of the major ecosystem protection of the Bohai Sea, keeping green mountains in the future generation, this is our mission of our generation. "Xiong Ying said.


China @ 四川 | 下 "hard bones", will fight the big mountain

  Xinhua News Agency, June 11th, Sub-title: Locating "hard bones", will fight the Da Liangshan Xinhua News Agency reporter 上海油压SPA Xie Wei, Huang Yi has entered the rainy season since the second year of May, Sichuan Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture entered the rainy season. Mu Nishu, a deputy secretary of the party committee of Le’an Township, and worried about the quality of Safety housing in Luoyun Village in the construction.

"Yesterday, the cement pavement was just wiped, it was hurt by the night rain. Today, I will make it 上海干磨微信群 back in the morning. The quality of the project can not fall!" Liangshan is one of the deep poverty regions of "three districts three" in my country.啃 "hard bones".

Due to the difference in basic conditions, the progress of some construction projects ended in the original plan is urgently caught up.

Just like Luoyun Village, it is only 30 kilometers away from the county town, but the road pit is swallous. Some pits should be swallowed in half a wheel. The building materials must be reached more than 2 hours; the building materials are tight, difficult.

  Mummy is pulling thousands of bricks from 300 kilometers away, and the road is slippery after the rain, and the brick cars are in addition to the village, they can only carry up manpower. "The people have the most lack of people, and some towns will do 400 yuan per person.

"Mu Shi Gu said.

  Urgent, the governments at all levels at the Liangshan state issued a call for "Fire Line".

A batch of teams came to the meeting, joining the poverty alleviation. The annoying of the package is in Dechang County. After apologizing to the fishing pond, he pulled 10 brothers to Luoyou Village, took the lead as mason.

  "All architects in Dechang County responded to the call to the aid to drag the county, only more than 200 people were added only." Ji Zhikang, one of the members of the "Assisting Association", "After coming, I lost 8 pounds." Mummy is happy again, and it is a good man. It is difficult to scheduling: hundreds of people come from different places, and they will go to coordinate.

Sleep at 4 o’clock in the morning, "80" mummy is a lot of white hair, it looks like 50 years old, I have a cold, I can swallow myself, my mouth has a big bubble, the sound is long hoarse.

  When the grouting equipment enters, the assault team is arranged, and the mortar bucket is "Solitaire" as the pipeline like the pipeline and grabs the efficiency.

  As of May 30, Baixian poor security housing has built 8380 households, and the completion rate is 100%.

  In the population of the old Yoshizi Village, the top of the town, the 60-year-old Dai woman, like a young man, ran with a small bucket, and picked out the stone in the beginning of the blueberry base.

  Aihe 80-famous village folks, is a blueberry base at home, and each person can earn 80 yuan per day, in addition, there are land transfer gold and dividends.

No one is willing to sit again, everyone is rushing to rush, only one will be a while, the crumbs in the ground are picked up. "There is no crushed stone, and the land can mechanize.

"Liu Zouqing, head of the site, said that this covered 3600-acre plateau blueberry base is built by Jiangyou City, Sichuan Province, plans to the first batch of thousands of acres of blueberries to start planting.

The project has grown to 45 million yuan. After completion of the completion, the annual income of about 80 million yuan will benefit the 70 poor villages and the county, and more than 10,000 poor people. At the consumer end, the e-commerce platform is constantly brushing, and Lishui City, Zhejiang Province has also organized many companies to launch consumption poverty alleviation. The pace of the sprint of the session is getting faster and faster, and the incidence of poverty is in the forefront of the country.

A pair of hands and hard work, to deal with the final "puzzle".



Hainan Reserve is newly started next year, with a total investment of more than 32 billion yuan.

Today’s investment structure is the economic structure of tomorrow.

The reporter has recently learned from the Provincial Development Reform Commission, Hainan Province has a good job of effective investment, accurate investment promotion, and strengthen the planning reserves of industrial projects, and has a high-quality and renewal energy for economic high quality. At present, the province’s 爱上海同城419 reserves planned in 2022, 32 projects, total investment of more than 3 billion yuan, estimated total investment of 404.7 billion yuan.

Among them, there are 24 industrial projects, accounting for 75%; estimated total investment is 155.2 billion yuan, total investment accounts for more.

Since "4.113", the Provincial Development Reform Commission has taken the success of the first 15 batch of project centralized work activities, starting 1817 projects, total investment of 724.1 billion yuan, including 587 industrial projects, total investment of 410.9 billion yuan, accounting for 57% . Through intensive organizers, the government’s ability to grasp the project to promote investment has greatly improved, the province has formed a "grasp of major projects, big grasps" work atmosphere, the investment structure is further optimized, the investment growth continues to rise, effective rushing New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic and Real Estate Regulation for Double Adverse Impacts Brought by Hainan Province. This year, the provincial government issued the implementation of the "Hainan Free Trading Port Investment New Deal, three-year action program (2021-2023), clearly grasping the investment promotion and accurate investment as party and government" one hand "project.

The Provincial Development Reform Commission and the various functional departments, actively investing in Central Enterprises in Joan Investment, and the central enterprises in the "14th Five-Year Plan" invested more than 1 billion yuan or more intentional projects, estimated total investment of 762.6 billion yuan, of which "3 + 1" 31 industrial projects, accounting of 60%, estimated total investment of 216.5 billion yuan, total investment accounts for 29%; 21 infrastructure projects, accounting of 21%, estimated total investment 546.1 billion yuan, total investment Accounted for 71%. Cut investment is a positive key role in completing the province’s infrastructure short board, build a modern industrial system, and enhance public service capabilities, Hainan Province has made investment "to step on the bottom" through the series of powerful initiatives. In order to promote the full range of high-frequency dispatch projects, Hainan Province held the province’s project promotion meeting, coordinating the total investment of more than 5 million yuan in the province, concentrated on project, central budget project, provincial key project propulsion.

The provincial development reform committee dispatched once a week, and the project has been reported slowly and 10 items ranked.

By establishing the "three service" working mechanisms such as service enterprises, service projects, service grassroots, and incorporates them into the provincial government’s overall work mechanism, go to the grassroots on-site office and service every quarter, to form a list of project issues, classified according to problem 上海喝茶群vx type Promote the solution.

In response to the process advancement, the provincial development reform committee issued a "Guiding Opinions", the provincial development reform committees, "Solidly doing the construction of high quality promotion projects in the project", and guide the city county government, industry departments, and enterprises. Solidly carry out the previous period of project, reduce unnecessary problems from the source, reduce project cost, and improve construction efficiency. "With the solid development of relevant work, the list of these landing major projects is still growing, and the project reserves are also growing, and the quality is gradually improved.

Through accurate investment and large project reserves, especially the development of industrial 上海逍遥网qm investment, the development of the entity economy, enhance the kinetic energy, effectively support the ’14th Fiveth’ economic high quality development. "The Director of the Provincial Development Reform Commission is said to be said.

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Due to the implementation of the relevant departments of the five districts of Shi Si Mountain, the relevant departments of the five districts related to the grassroots health service guarantee

Original title: Source title: Because the grassroots health service guarantee policy implements the remains of the relevant departments of the five districts of Shi Si Mountain, the relevant departments of the grassroots are not in place, on August 19th, Beijing Health and Health Committee, Human Social Security Bureau, The Finance Bureau talked about the leaders of the corresponding department of Shijingshan District, Mentougou District, Fangshan District, Miyun District, Yanqing District, reported on the implementation of the relevant policy of grassroots health services in these five districts, and requires that the five districts must fully promote the grassroots level. High quality development of health services. The grassroots health service is related to the people’s health, three departments require five districts to profoundly understand the significance of grassroots health services, to implement the guarantee policies, promote the development of grassroots health services, and continuously improve service level and quality. It is necessary to clarify responsibility, 上海桑拿品茶 strengthen the department’s collation, speed up the implementation of the guarantee policy, and mobilize the enthusiasm of grassroots medical staff to the community residents, and effectively adapt to the health needs of residents. At the same time, the relevant departments emphasized that grassroots health work is the basic responsibility of the district-level government. It is necessary to adhere to the people-oriented 上海水磨娱乐会所 concept, profoundly understand and grasp the important status of grassroots health work in the current and future health work. When doing a major event for people to serve and improve people’s livelihood.

At the contest, the leaders of the relevant departments of the five districts said that they should actively respond to the requirements of the municipal government, stand up to stand up, invert the construction period, and ensure the implementation of the work.

At the same time, the relevant departments of the city will continue to supervise the policy to land, strengthen the evaluation, so that the grassroots health personnel are encouraged, so that residents feel the effectiveness of grassroots health services reform.

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Central Bank: Strive for the implementation of financial consumer rights protection

Original title: Central Bank: Strive for the implementation of financial consumer rights protection implementation Measures on August 27, Yu Wumen, director of the Central Bank Consumer Protection Bureau, said in the media blowing conference, it is accelerating the implementation of financial consumer rights protection and strives to introduce.

  Financial consumer rights protection has been highly valued in recent years.

In order to further standardize the business behavior of financial institutions, the legitimate rights 上海杨浦区按摩油压 and interests of financial consumers, in December last year, the central bank announced the demanded opinion after the revision of the implementation of financial consumer rights protection in 2016, and the summary of the whole society will be The main content of the normative document is upgraded to a departmental rule.

  According to the comments, financial institutions shall not use technical means, dominant position, mandatory or metaphor for financial consumers to receive financial products or services, or exclude financial consumers to receive financial products or services provided by the same industry. In the process of providing financial products and services, financial institutions shall not require financial consumers to purchase, and use the agreement to use the products or services or services in the use agreement. In the drafting description, the central bank pointed out that developing financial consumer rights protection regulations, enhancing the legal sections of the special documents of financial consumer rights, and 上海高端外菜会所 further standardizing the business behavior of financial market entities, and can better provide financial consumers’ legitimate rights and interests. Care.

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Guangqi Yan Aion LX Plus is listed on 1008 km, etc.

For media and consumers, electric vehicles for battery life is expected, and I hope that Ejan AionlxPlus listed in January next year can launch this working condition for 1008 kilometers of electric vehicles.

[China Net] Recently, I learned that the Guangzhou Automobile Ean AionlxPlus model in Guangzhou Auto Show will be listed in January next year. However, from the currently known situation, the 1008-kilometer version of the official Xuan Xuan did not have exact time. Is it necessary to jump? Before the Guangzhou Auto Show, Guangqi Yan released the top of the most heavy information: AionlxPlus will become the world’s first endurance over 1000km pure tram, because the battery has a great improvement than existing 闵行区水磨 electric vehicles, everyone has more High attention.

During the Guangzhou Auto Show held on November 19, Guangqi Yan also promoted this car. According to the previous information, Guangqi Ean LXPLUS has a length of 4835 × 1935 × 1685mm, respectively, and the quality of 2220kg / 2240kg, the length and weight of the body is slightly changed than the current Ean Aionlx.

It is equipped with a capacity of nickel-cobalt-manganese three-dimensional cells, and the energy density is 205Wh / kg, and the operating conditions reached 1008 kilometers, and the 100-kilometer power consumption under conditions of condition is.

In the driving motor, for the maximum life mileage to maximize the maximum, the ultra-long’s Ean AionlXPlus is equipped with a single motor, a maximum power of 180kW, a permanent magnet synchronous motor having a maximum torque of 350 nm, and a motor maximum speed of 16000 rpm.

The maximum speed is 170km / h, and the maximum speed of 30 minutes is 160km / h.

However, in the information of the comprehensive auto show, the operating capacity of 1008 kilometers of Ean Aionlxplus did not expose in the Guangzhou Auto Show, and many media filmed models were 2,000 kilometers of models.

For media and consumers, electric vehicles for battery life is expected, and I hope that Ejan AionlxPlus listed in January next year can launch this working condition for 上海gm干磨店 1008 kilometers of electric vehicles.


Brand + e-commerce fresh + 姜 泸 州 县 牛 滩 生姜 "Walking Tour"

Zhou Xinghai, a member of the Society, shows the beach ginger.

Zeng Zuran photo is a ginger planting town, and August is a season of ginger, ginger, ginger, bringing good economic benefits for ginger farmers. Into the new forest village in Nakam Town, I saw that the ginger farm was busy, digging ginger, twigs, frame, transportation, on the spot. In the early morning, Liu Ronggao, 4 groups in Xinlin Village came to Jiang’s.

They need to dig more than 200上海油压店解禁 pounds of ginger to professional cooperatives, which are sent to Chongqing, Chengdu and other places on the same day.

"I have a 7-ace-ginger this year, and the Complete Site is responsible for acquiring sales.

The price sold to a complement is higher than the market, which is better than the economic benefits of food.

"Liu Ronggao introduced that the company provides seeds, fertilizers and planting techniques, they only plant. Since 2011, Niu Bean Town has established a ginger professional cooperative, based on technology, market-oriented, implementation" company + professional cooperative + The industrial business model of farmers is developing a ginger industry in the ginger industry.

"At present, our ginger has entered the peak season.

Sales are mainly based on e-commerce, far from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, near Chengdu and Chongqing sales.

Zhou Xinghai, the total party secretary of the new forest village party, ginger planting professional cooperative, said that thanks to the development of e-commerce industries, the beam beam ginger can be sold all over the country, sales price is also rising all the way, ginger planting Brought a lot of income.

In the professional cooperative cold chain logistics 冻, the land is outdated. "This is our third ‘magic weapon outside the brand and e-commerce." Zhou Xinghai said, in order to solve the problem of short-selling season, they have customized more than 10,00上海吃广式早茶的地方0 breeds from Jiangsu, starting this year. Deep processing, make products such as bubble ginger, ensure that the ginger ginger can supply the market all year round.

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Haikou held the "5 · 20" Chinese Student Nutrition Day Promotion

  May 20th is the 32nd Chinese student nutrition day. In order to guide the majority of primary and secondary school students to establish a healthy nutritional diet, develop a good life and eating habits, improve the nutrition and health level of students, promote the healthy growth of primary and secondary school students, Haikou City National Nutrition Week and "5 · 20" Chinese student nutrition day theme publicity activities Haikou City Qiongshan Middle School is held.

  Haikou Municipal Education Bureau requires that Haikou’s schools must fully understand the importance of strengthening the nutritional improvement of students, and tightly focus on improving students’ nutrition 上海乐东品茶微信 and health. At the same time, through the 上海贵族宝贝form of parents, parents, etc., teachers to teach students to nutrition science, guide parents, and arrange their family diet, and play the role of family nutrition improvement in students, form schools, society, families to care for students’ nutrition improvement work. A good atmosphere.

It is necessary to focus on "five one" activities, and continuously improve the level of nutritional health of students.

That is: arranged a special lecture on nutrition knowledge; a special board, wall newspaper; wall newspaper; held a nutritional knowledge theme class; each student wrote a "nutrition and health" essay; school The broadcast station conducts at least one nutrition knowledge propaganda every week.

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Guangdong issued an opinion accelerated digital development around four aspects of 33 specific measures

Original title: Construction of the world’s leading digital development Highland May 13th, "Guangdong Provincial People’s Government on Accelerating Digital Development" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") officially issued. This is, after the "14th Five-Year Plan" plan of Guangdong Province, the digital development is listed, and "Guangdong" is more specific to implement roadmaps around the digital ecology, digital economy, digital society, and digital government, classification. A total of 33 specific measures. The "Opinions" proposed the goal, and the full range of economic and social transformation is upgraded, and Guangdong’s construction has become a leading digital development highland in the world.

  Experts believe that in the "Fantasy Five-Year Plan" start, the "Opinions" will be developed, which is conducive to the development of the development of the digital age and build a new advantage in Guangdong. To emphasize the relevant person in charge of the digital development and reform committee of digital ecology construction data, "Opinions" highlight the basic role of digital ecology, and systematically plan for the digital development of economic and social development.

  The reporter combed found that the contents of digital ecology were distributed, including the full text, including second, third, fourth, nine points, covering the ability to enhance digital innovation, accelerating the construction of new infrastructure, building data elements, efficient configuration systems, and enhance digital open development Level and other four aspects.

  The cultivation of digital ecology is that digital innovation leads. The "Opinions" proposed, implementing the digital economic key core technology "Strong Biki Soul" action, consolidating the social development of innovation capabilities leading to national laboratories, promoting three specific initiatives such as digital technology innovation and ecological development.

  Among them, including the speed of the layout of 6g, terahez, 8K, quantum information, etc., continuously supports the key core technical research, high-level construction Pengcheng laboratory, high-level construction, high-level construction, high-level construction, high-level construction, high-level construction, high-level, Shenzhen Enhance the ability to maintain the leading position in Guangdong Province "Double Excellence".

  Data elements circulation and public data development utilization are another important part of cultivating digital ecology.

The "Opinions" proposed, promoting public data development and utilization, cultivating the establishment of data elements market, promoting public data development and utilization, and building data elements flow smooth digital Daban District.

  For the construction of the digital bay area, the document is described in detail, such as in-depth promotion of digital technology in the rules of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao, the mechanism to connect the application, support the construction of large data centers in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, and explore the international development of specific regional development. Data services, etc.

  "Guangdong should give full play to the importance of data as the important value of key production factors, promote the quality of economic development, efficiency change and motivational change." Cai Yuezhou, Director of the Digital Economic Research Office of China Social Sciences, and Director Cai Yuezhou believes.

  It is worth noting that "opinions" also emphasizes the improvement of digital open levels, and proposes to build world digital trade important nodes, enhance global digital resource allocation capabilities and actively participate in the construction of digital international rules.

  Digital development has become a key event for the competition of industrial revolution around the world. Jiangli believes that Jiang Li believes that the establishment of the integration development of open cooperation, and the independent controlled innovative development ecology and the inclusive prudent social governance ecology are necessary, and the basic roots of Guangdong digital development. Pay attention to the forward-looking digital economy enforcement in all walks of life for the future development of the Guangdong digital economy, two keywords can be summarized: digital industrialization and industrial digitization.

上海夜网桑拿   "Opinions" have been put forward from the above two dimensions, each of which is real, for the current shortcomings of Guangdong.

  On the one hand, promote digital industrialization and consolidate the promotion of digital economic core industries.

  How do you do it? 6 measures to keep the world’s advanced level: build the world’s leading 5G industry innovation highlands, build the artificial intelligent industry open 上海虹口水磨300群 innovation system, create a world-class software and information service industry cluster, build a new development of my country’s integrated circuit industry, create a full chain integration development The advanced audio-visual industry, cultivating the development of digital economy emerging industries.

  The lack of "core" less "core" has always been a "card neck" issue of Guangdong key technology.

Therefore, "Opinions" put forward the new development of my country’s integrated circuit industry, very urgent.

  Next, Guangdong has to enhance the advantages of chip design capabilities, focus on high-end general chip design such as edge computing, storage, processor, and promote special chip design cutting edge technology for third-generation semiconductor, millimeter wave, terahez.

  On the other hand, accelerate the digitalization of the industry and cultivate new movements in digital development.

  The "Opinions" proposed, rehabilitating Guangdong manufacturing new advantages, empowering modern agriculture, promoting high-end development of service industry, and building a global influence of intelligence financial technology centers.

In short, in all-round, full angles, all-chain empowerment.

  The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission said that the various initiatives combined with the basic advantages of Guangdong digital development and the future development trend, especially the forward-looking leaders. For example, it is proposed to build an important strategic objective such as the world’s leading 5G industry innovation, and future generations of future networks such as satellite Internet.

  Guangdong Provincial Social Sciences Associate Dean believes that Guangdong can drive the overall industry to digitize the digitalization of manufacturing, focus on manufacturing, and focus on digitalization. At present, Guangdong is vigorously cultivating the development of 20 strategic industrial clusters, introduced "chain long system", and strives to build a world-class industrial cluster with global competitiveness.

  According to the previous Guangdong Provincial "14th Five-Year Plan", it is estimated that by 2025, the increased value of the core industry in Guangdong Province accounts for 20%. Creating a benchmark Demonstration Digital Society and Digital Government steadily advances in the new stage of development, strengthening digital society, digital government construction, and has a major and far-reaching significance. In terms of digital society, "Opinions" propose four steps from digital social construction, from digital public services, smart cities, digital villages, digital life, etc..

  How to build a beautiful digital life new picture? Specifically, it is reflected in the construction line on the online education and the development mechanism, accelerating Internet medical development; build a new smart city group, explore digital twin cities that build virtual interactions.

  For digital rural construction, "Opinions" emphasizes to accelerate rural management services, grassroots governance digitalization process. Promote the province’s administrative village 5G network construction and 4G network depth coverage, carry out the pilot demonstration of the 4K ultra HD video + 5G application.

  Digital gaps have become a social problem that has high digital development in recent years.

  "Opinions" also made a clear plan for digital adaptation, and put forward support to carry out digital technology application training for special groups such as elderly.

  Accelerating the construction of digital governments and is an important starting point to promote the modernization of national governance systems and governance.

How to create a digital government upgrade version? "Opinions" proposed to build a national digital government construction benchmark, four initiatives from government services, government governance, government operation, and basic support.

Specifically, it includes optimizing government service "one network communication", promoting the provincial governance "one network system", strengthens the government’s "one network coordination" and consolidating the basic support of digital government.

  In recent years, Guangdong has basically realized the high-frequency service "fingertips", "a network of network" is in the forefront of the whole country. Next, Guangdong will build "Yue series" platform, "Yuecheng" platform, and the "one network, one place, one window, one, one, one machine, one, and one yard" will be established in the government service system; promote provincial governance. The new model of "one network system", which fully promotes the digital transformation of various local government departments on the "Guangdong Zhihui" platform.

With Yuezheng, Yuguan is easy to govern the government office platform and the general hub, strengthen the cooperative linkage capability of party and government organs at all levels of the province. (Reporter Peng Lin, Xiao Wenzhen intern Xu Jialin) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yizhu).


Guangxi Post 931 outlets and investment parts have been placed in a packaging waste recovery device

On October 15, Qinzhou Postal Branch placed a packaging waste recovery device in the East East East East, mainly used to recycle recyclable cartons 松江同乐网首页 and packaging materials, as well as packaging waste. Up to now, the Guangxi District Postal Branch has placed the recycling device in 931 postal business outlets in the whole district to complete the% of the annual placement mission objectives. In the postal business outlets and the investment, the packaging waste recycling device is to better fulfill the company’s environmental responsibility, promote the promotion of green postal life concept, and guide consumers to practice green and low-carbon. Convenient express people have a good atmosphere with green packaging everyone.

For recycled recyclable cartons and packaging materials, customers who come to post business outlets and tunicate mailing parcels can be used; they cannot continue to use packaging waste, they will be recycled and standardized by regulating and 上海后花园419最新 standardized environmental protection. Treatment to avoid environmental pollution. Next, the Guangxi Post Branch will carry out "green delivery, from me" and other express packages and re-use activities, and unswervingly pick up the environmental responsibility of state-owned enterprises, actively respond and solve the environment caused by express packaging waste. Pollution issues, contribute to environmental governance. (丽 娜) (Editor: Xu Ziwen, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.